Install Macbook at DISTRICT 2


Specializes in Repair Service – Installing Replacement Components for Macbook, Imac, Mac Pro, Mac Air at the Most Prestigious Place in Saigon. 

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Install Macbook at DISTRICT 2
Is your Macbook/ Imac/Macbook Air having problems  in the DISTRICT 2 HO CHI MINH CITY?

  • Macbook CLICK to turn on the power, but no screen.
  • Macbook Runs slow, hangs, takes a long time to start, slow to open applications.
  • Macbook in use turns itself off horizontally.
  • Macbook does not power on to hear the title.
  • Macbook hot.
  • Macbook hanging logo.
  • And other problems when using Macbook
  • Install Windows 7 for Macbook
  • Install Windows 8.1 for Macbook
  • Install Windows 10 for Macbook
  • Office installation service (Word, Excel, …) office software and applications for macbook on-site
  • Install Office software for Macbook Air – Macbook Pro.
  • Install Photoshop software for Macbook.
  • Install AI software (Adobe Illustrator).
  • Install Adobe InDesign software.
  • Install Auto Cad for Mac OS.
  • Install dictionary for Mac OS
  • VV.

An Khang Computer Always Keeps Operation Motto: “Customer Satisfaction Comes With Quality”. To ensure the above acupuncture methods:
– We always give career guidance to improve the skills of KTV every day.
– Set the criterion “Two hearts of customers is the joy of operation”.
– Warranty for Customer Maintenance Up to Maximum Time for Customers.
– Fastest Support, KTV Callback for advice immediately After receiving customer’s goods from the Company.
– Provide a specific quote for the right disease, at the right price before the KTV comes to the customer’s house.
– Replacement parts if warranted on time, genuine manufacturer.

Quality always comes with price and time, Vi Tinh An Khang is committed to the most competitive price, fastest repair time.

Call now 0932 016 633  You will be consulted by a telephone operator with enthusiasm and details before the technician arrives, you will quote the price in advance to ensure customer satisfaction.

We commit that your choice with An Khang is the right choice.

Install Macbook at DISTRICT 2

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